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I stay in front of my clients – they can’t believe I have the time to write all this material. It’s the best kept secret!

Janice H.
Denver Realtor

Incredible. I don’t have time to write all this content and mail my base. Saves me so much time.

John S.
Denver Realtor

Best tool out there to stay in front of my clients. It’s a no-brainer!

Judy B.
Denver Realtor

MySphere by JandaConnect

MySphere is so simple, it’s hard to believe.

But it’s true.

We send hand crafted, proprietary LOCAL content to your client list.
Consistently and clearly every month.

Branded to YOU

Realtor Sold
It is critical that YOU are the Realtor who is
top of mind for your client list.

That way, when someone you know is ready to buy –
They call YOU.

Not us. And certainly not the Realtor next door.

That’s why we brand the monthly content to YOU.

YOUR name.
YOUR photo.
YOUR logo.

(Our content – but no one has to know.)

Expert Content

Our content is written by real estate experts.
And is 100% local.

We’re a Colorado business dedicated to Colorado businesses.

You're smart. Act now.

  • Monthly digital touchpoint keeps you top of mind
  • Timely and localized real estate content
  • Personally branded to you
  • Expertly written content engages your sphere
  • Seamlessly delivered with no hassle
  • Easily add contacts from your growing list
  • BONUS GIFT! Colorado Fun Fact delivered monthly to your sphere – double the touchpoints, double the value

MySphere by JandaConnect